Types of Gifts

Memorial Foundation offers a broad range of gift opportunities for donors who wish to designate their gifts toward a special project or fund. When no preference exists, unrestricted gifts can be directed where they are needed most.


Cash and checks are a convenient way to give to Memorial Foundation and are recorded on the date received. Make an online donation now through our secure server.

Appreciated securities are excellent assets to donate to Memorial Foundation. Publicly traded securities will be counted at the value on the date donated. Closely held stock may be accepted with an appropriate appraisal or per-share, cash-purchase price of the most recent trade, with an understanding regarding the ultimate sale. Gifts of securities to the Charitable Gift Annuity program will be converted to cash as soon as practicable.

Personal or real property gifts to Memorial Foundation are subject to approval by the Board of Directors of Memorial Foundation. Gifts of personal property could include art or automobiles, while real property gifts could include homes and farms, such as those with estate plans for the donor and/or beneficiaries of the donor. The value of gifts accepted will be determined by current appraisal of fair market value and according to Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Planned Gifts
Charitable planned gifts to Memorial Foundation can be made in the form of bequests, endowments, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, IRAs and retirement plans, gift annuities and a variety of other options. 
(Read more about Planned Gifts.)

Endowment Gifts

Some donors wish to have their gifts make a different forever. These donors may wish to consider a gift to our endowment. The principal amount of this gift is invested and the interest each year is allocated to a program of the donor's choice. 

Restricted and Unrestricted Gifts

Memorial Foundation offers a wide variety of opportunities to donors who wish to direct gifts to a particular project or fund. Unrestricted gifts are directed to areas where funds are most needed.